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Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin from VendorFuel

In 1997, I started a business reselling technology products online. Since then, my business has evolved into selling a broad range of consumer products, working with a wide variety of distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers.

My experience led me to realize that all resellers face the same challenge: In an online marketplace, it is no longer enough to compete solely on price and product selection. The only way to stand out is by delivering an outstanding customer experience that rivals that of larger competitors.

Meet Kevin from VendorFuel

I also learned that an exceptional customer experience is not only delivered via the online storefront but also through the back-office tools that support the business. I realized that, as a reseller, I needed a platform that seamlessly integrated the best eCommerce functionality into the back office and distribution channels, but at a cost a small business could afford. At the time, such a solution did not exist­, so I developed it myself and named it VendorFuel.

VendorFuel helps you grow your brand by keeping customers on your site to complete their transactions. It gives you all the front and back-end functionality needed to provide unparalleled customer service and run a successful online business. VendorFuel is an enterprise-level eCommerce solution delivered at a small business price.

Kevin Hoffman, CEO Hoffman Technologies, ItemGrabber, and VendorFuel.

Meet ItemGrabber

Our background in technology-solution development and a deep understanding of the supply chain has led us to where we are today. ItemGrabber is a complete web store powered by our in-house-developed eCommerce platform VendorFuel. ItemGrabber brings our customers products from a wide variety of suppliers, efficiency-enhancing procurement tools, and software integrations for use by businesses of all sizes, all while maintaining high-integrity customer service.

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ItemGrabber.com relies on VendorFuel to drive each customer’s online shopping experience. VendorFuel’s light architecture allows ItemGrabber’s vast inventory of office consumables to download quickly, even on mobile devices.

Meet VendorFuel

VendorFuel is an enterprise-level shopping cart and fully PCI compliant eCommerce solution at an affordable, small-business price. VendorFuel gives you all of the tools you need to sell products online in one solution, for one low price. With powerful built-in features like Free Shipping and Dropship Support, SEO Friendly URLs, Promo Codes, Fully-Customizable Email Templates, Unlimited Autoresponders and more, you’ll be selling products at your website in no time at all. A great looking website is just part of the story. Don’t just sell products online, become an online business success — with VendorFuel!

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