VendorFuel: Now Supporting Payments via Stripe and Square

We’ve recently made a few significant upgrades to VendorFuel, including the much anticipated addition of both Square and Stripe as Payment Processors!

Now you can accept payments in VendorFuel using..


Here are the major changes you will find with the following new version releases:


  • Fixed an issue preventing PayPal SDK from being enqueued properly


  • Payment Processor JS/CSS will only be enqueued if enabled


  • Resend Order can now be used to resend Failed Orders
  • Order Notifications can be viewed in View Order


  • Reactivated Quickbooks oauth menu
  • Added publishable key field to Authorize.Net payment processor. Now uses accept.js hosted form
  • Added enable as primary cc field to all payment processors. Only one may me enabled at a time
  • Added enable PayPal Checkout separate from primary cc processor
  • Stripe and Squareup have been added to payment processors
  • Separated full name for store subscriptions into first name and last name
  • Began work on SEO improvements
  • Added WP Rest API endpoints to retrieve and set Authorize.Net/Stripe publishable keys
  • Localize publishable payment processor keys

Download VoendorFuel 2.7.1

Check out our Documentation & Support site to learn more details.

Update: Download VendorFuel v 2.8.3

Download VendorFuel from the WordPress Plugin Respository

And if you haven’t already, download VendorFuel v 2.8.3 from the WordPress Plugin Repository and Ignite your eCommerce!

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